5 Unique Diwali Gifts For Friends & Relatives This Year

Hello lovelies,

It is that time of the year when the atmosphere is filled with lights, colours, music, sweets and parties. But that also means finding unique, thoughtful gifts for the loved ones. After all, who wants their gift to be opened and passed on to another just because it was "boring"?

However, worry not, because this year we've got your back and have brought some interesting and truly thoughtful options for festive gifting.

1. Designer Copper Bottles


The benefits of drinking water stored in copper bottles are numerous. Give these pretty bottles to your loved ones to show that you care! They are made of pure copper and come in all sizes, designs and sets. Click here to view the collection or go to the link, https://thefeelgoodstudio.in/collections/pure-copperware 

Excited already?

2. Hand Painted Pots and Planters

plant containers online

This Diwali, make a real difference. Gift your loved ones some clean air in the form of house plants. Buy pretty hand painted planters, put a small low maintenance plant & gift it. After all, good presentation goes a long way and your planet will truly thank you for it. These are unbreakable weather proof metal pots and come in all sizes, designs and colours. Buy them here or go to the link, https://thefeelgoodstudio.in/collections/planters

Are you less confused about gifting now?

3. Luxurious Dupattas/Stoles


Pretty dupattas are loved by one and all. They make any outfit come alive. Go in for beautiful traditional dupattas this Diwali and gift your bestie a present she'll cherish for life. Buy them here or go to the link, https://thefeelgoodstudio.in/collections/stoles-dupattas

4. Small Rugs to Cosy Up Spaces


Have a relative who loves home decor? Gift a low maintenance rug to show that you know your people inside out and don't gift random things for the sake of it. Check out some reasonably priced rugs here or go to the link, https://thefeelgoodstudio.in/collections/rugs

Less confused? We are not done yet.

5. Luxe Silk Cushion Covers For a Festive Vibe

silk cushion covers for diwali gift

Who doesn't love luxury? Especially, when it is presented as a gift. Buy a set of beautiful cushion covers in silk for the one who loves all things unusual. They come in all sizes, colours and prints. Take a quick look here or go to the link, https://thefeelgoodstudio.in/collections/cushion-covers-for-home

The best part is that these goodies are at really affordable prices and easily available. Save this guide for gifting or share it with other confused souls and do them a big favour by making this festive season easy and great!

Sorted now? 

Wish you a very Happy Diwali.

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