Guide to Buying Cushion Covers For Home



Home is where the heart is. We are all aware of this honest feeling. Who doesn't want to come back to a cosy, welcoming abode?

We'll give you a few effective tips in transforming your home by just using cushions; into a truly warm place.

Always remember not to lose yourself or your personal style in doing up your space. After all, home is your own extended personality . 

If you are bored with how your space currently looks and are wondering how to change things by not blowing a huge sum of money, cushions are your best and the most cost effective bet. They can literally spruce up the entire place in absolutely no time and  add the much needed colour to your living abode.  Cushions bring a lovely sense of comfort without losing style into a home. There are many varieties of cushion covers available online to meet everyone's personal taste. 

Indian Traditional Printed Cushion Covers


If you like all things traditional,  Indian prints just like this Mandala Cushion are your best bet. They add a warm, rich cultural vibe to a room . You can either match the palette or pattern with your curtains or to a prominent showpiece placed in the room. Try and avoid covers that merge or completely blend with your sofa.

Festive Silk Cushion Covers


Want to make your home festival or wedding ready? Catch hold of exquisite silk cushion covers for your sofa and for low seating and make the whole place look festive.

Retro Cushion Covers


Are you a laid-back soul and love everything retro? Pick some retro prints and place them all around the house to have the most personalised space ever.

Animal Lover Covers


Are you a cat or a dog lover? Choose from a variety of animal print cushion covers  and add instant quirk to your apartment.

There are a lot of designs available online to meet everyone's quirk and personal taste. Get your hands on some fun cushion covers at The Feel Good Studio and liven up your space instantly.




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